Worry Doll Workshop Tour One of Our Stops in Guatemala

Whether you come on a guided tour of Guatemala or are interested in a Spanish Immersion Experience our worry doll workshop tour can be one of the ways you fill your days. Hosted by CambioNDG by one of their families, at one of their campuses, you’ll test your manual dexterity and artistic ability as you learn how to make a worry doll from the women and children who do it everyday all day!

At night before you sleep you can whisper all your worries into the ear of your tiny worry doll and they should keep out of your dreams until morning.

Your worry doll workshop tour guide will introduce you to your instructor, set you up with all the materials you'll need, and translate the instructions.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. You’ll be given a little stick figure about the size of a matchstick with a fluffy head.
  2. Take a tiny square piece of cloth with a slit cut halfway down one side and wrap your doll as if in a blouse.
  3. Tie the woven huipil around the doll’s waist with thread.
  4. Do the same with the tinier-still-square cloth head scarf and braided thread.
  5. Use a sewing needle and black and red threads to create the eyes and mouth.

Pretty easy right? But we bet you can't crank them out as fast as a little girl!

The Women and Children Who Do This Everyday Are Masters!

CambioNDG and GoodTrip are enterprises with many social purposes and providing children with an education and preserving their childhood are chief among them. The worry doll workshop tour isn’t just something fun to do. It isn’t just a cool way to come up with your own handmade souvenir. It also gives mother and children an additional source of income which prevents parents from keeping kids at home to produce keepsakes for tourists instead of attending school or playing outside.

By participating in the worry doll workshop tour you are actively working towards the brighter future of the families you’re working with!

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Voluntourism Versus Genuine Participation in the Lives of Your Hosts

We at GoodTrip have been in this business for a while and see international travel and tourism done a hundred different ways. If you are not intentional about your footprint on a place and a people you visit then the best you can hope for is to not cause any harm and even when some groups are trying to do good and leave a positive trace their best intentions fall short.

A good example is the voluntourism group that comes to build a house. Highly skilled Westerners with a lot of education and very few calluses on their hands come in and handle cinder blocks in the sun for a few days trying to build a home for a poor local family. Visitors are often exhausted and rarely complete their project while local laborers are left idle to watch and often have to undo and redo the work once the tourists are gone.

The kind of genuine interaction and participation in the lives of your host that you get with activities like the worry doll workshop tour not only encourage you to meet and spend quality time with people at your destination, but are designed to benefit the people economically in ways the synergizer perfectly with well developed community development projects as well as (and most importantly) the desires of the people themselves.

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