Warriors Waterfall Adventure Travel Hike - Ever Hike Through Cloud Forest to a Virgin Waterfall? Wanna?

For decades the South face of Volcano San Pedro (9908 ft.) and Volcano Atitlán (11598 ft.) were no-man’s-lands. They are both so remote that if something were to happen to the hiker it could take hours to reach definitive medical care and, if the hiker went missing alone, it might take days before they were missed and found. And, one of the potential problems that a hiker might encounter on the warriors waterfall adventure travel hike might have been human conflict.

Guatemala suffered through a civil war (called The Internal Armed Conflict) that began in the 1960s and lasted into the 90s and many of the men that fought against the army and police kept camps on those slopes. The war lasted so long and reconciliation came so slowly, and still is not 100% complete, that former freedom fighters are still being re-integrated into mainstream society.

After peace began to take hold in the 90s, former freedom fighters turned highwaymen, poachers and illegal loggers.

It used to be necessary to hire tourist police and hike in large groups to assure a safe summit of certain volcanoes.

But, not anymore!

GoodTrip proudly partners with Miguel, a Guatemalan of Tz’utujil Mayan decent who works as a community organizer in the town of Santiago on Lake Atitlán. Among Miguel’s many initiatives he has organized these former fighters into a guide’s association and employed them first, to improve the hiking trails into this former no-man’s-land and now, to lead and escort groups of adventure travelers interested in investigating where the sidewalk, up until very recently, once ended.

A former freedom fighter unearths a weapons cache left behind by a rebel who didn't survive the war.

Curious about how the Guatemalan Guerrilla lived? Where they bathed? What those who didn't survive left behind? Come on our warriors waterfall adventure travel hike and let them show you themselves!

On this Hike to the Warrior’s Waterfall you’ll take on two local group leaders – one who might otherwise be busy illegally logging the very cloud forest you’ll hike through and another who might otherwise harass, instead of protect the party. These men will lead you over the 1000s of years old use trails and show you secret camps and teach you how they survived with the enthusiasm of ones who’ve been given new leases on life!

It took 15 men 15 days to improve the trail to reach this waterfall. If you come soon you'll be among the first Westerners to witness this beauty in at least 50 years!

Get out there in the world, ask for help and set a good example. And, above all, safe travels and have a good trip!

This model of rehabilitation by responsible tourism only works so long as we keep visiting!

Come walk these ancient, but recently rejuvenated, trails through islands of cloud forests in the sky. Let yourself be lead through pristine nature by those who might otherwise be ruining it. Take a sobering trip back in time to when these volcanic slopes were much more dangerous places and learn the history of the “Internal Armed Conflict” from those who actually fought in it.

This moderately difficult hike can be found in our guided tours or selected from a menu of unique experiences during you Spanish immersion sojourn.