Shirlene from Texas

After researching different travel companies, I selected GoodTrip because of their commitment to sustainable and responsible travel. I did not want to be a part of a large group of tourists rushing from point to point. I was looking for a more personal and in depth experience. Their mission was reinforced by my experience in Cuba. Great care was taken to ensure that we were introduced to the real and rapidly changing Cuba through its arts and culture, sustainable farming and agriculture, and revitalized neighborhoods.

Bianca and Tony were excellent tour leaders. The relationships they have nurtured with the Cuban people allowed us access to events and venues not offered on the average tour itineraries. Although the itinerary was established prior to our visit, there was time and space to respond to the individual interests of members of our group. Bianca and Tony’s enthusiasm for travel and for Cuba was contagious and I definitely caught the bug. I had a fabulous time in Cuba in large part because of the opportunities I had to experience the culture and meet and visit with Cubans.

I would recommend GoodTrip to anyone seeking an excellent travel experience while treading lightly and leaving an imprint only on the hearts of the people met along the way.

Cuba: Havana | Viñales |Trinidad

“I had a fabulous time experiencing the culture and meeting Cubans.”