Tony is on the short list of possible most interesting men in the world. He was born into poverty in rural Eastern Cuba just before The Revolution swept across the island from the other end. Instead of being condemned to a life of manual labor on his family’s subsistence farm the new socialist government identified his intelligence and potential and moved him into better and better schools, closer and closer to the capital as he continued his education.

His first profession was diplomat and he was stationed all over Africa and the Near East, including Iraq during George H.W. Bush administration and war.

After he rose as high in the diplomatic corps as a man without connections to the highest level of the revolutionary government could, he left government and went into business. He quickly rose to become the vice-president of Cuba’s largest travel agency over the entire Canadian market, the largest market still. Again he topped out and could not resolve the heavy hand of the controlled Cuban economy with the international free markets and decided to trade the world of business with that of academia and study it.

Now he lectures about tourism science in the college of economics at the University of Havana while growing an accommodations start-up service on the side. He is a deep thinking thought leader and a true believer in dialectics and the great conversation. Come find out what he has to say!

Thought Leader

Elder Statesman. Business Executive. Economist. Baseball Fanatic. Soccer Hooligan.