Sustainable Responsible Tourism was a Big Theme of 2017. What Does that Even Mean?

Sustainable responsible tourism means to go visit a place and to be in that place in such a way so that your children are welcomed and wanted there when they visit in the future, and when they go the environment they find will be in as good or better shape as when you left it.

If your vision truly is to live in a world made better by travel then your mission is to make travel a force for good in the world! Now, how do you do that?

Sustainable responsible tourism has two parts:
  1. social responsibility
  2. environmental conscientiousness

Social responsibility in travel means that you should actively seek out, then aggregate and internalize the counsel of people of all walks of life at your destination as to how to behave in their homes.

For example in Havana there is a professor of economic and tourism science at the University of Havana who always meets groups at the first night’s welcome dinner to orientate us to the economic and political realities of that destination. We ask both in person and between trips how he thinks we should behave while traveling in his home. Then, we change our behavior based on the advice from him and others.

Environmental conscientiousness is often a practice that Westerners must bring to the developing Global South.

A good example is the problem of drinking water. In many developing countries the water from the tap is not suitable for Western bellies.

If left to his or her own devices, or even in the care of a local guide, a single tourist will purchase and discard an average of three 20oz plastic water bottles on every day of their travels. We provide each of our clients with a free Sawyer mini water filtration system that screws onto a plastic bottle and allows you to refill them from the tap. This simple measure cuts plastic waste by upwards of 90%!

Get out there in the world, ask for help and set a good example. And, above all, safe travels and have a good trip! Questions about how we do it? Want advice from the pros? Get in touch!

Sustainable responsible tourism doesn't even have to be that hard!

If you think about it we are all just tourists on this planet so why not adopt these two simple principles into our everyday lives?

You don’t have all the answers and you aren’t the last generations of humans that will need to call the Earth your home. Therefore you should always be looking for experts in the culture, economy and society of both the places you visit and the place you choose to live. People will inherit the Earth you leave behind. Some of those people are your friends and family but each and every person who survives you or comes after is your species!

Think twice about everything you consume or discard and consider the effect that decision might have on the future.

Sustainable responsible travel is a terrific way to expand your perspective and widen your circle of counselors. It’s also a great way to audit your behavior as a consumer to see how it compares with other peoples in the world – to make adjustments when it can be improved and to set a positive example when others have things to learn from you.