Sololá Cemetery Stop on your way to Lake Atitlán in Guatemala

In the heart of Guatemala’s Western Mayan Highlands is the world’s most beautiful lake called Atitlán. The political department it’s found in is called Sololá and the department capital is a city by the same name. May people pass through but few ever do more than look out the window at the city passing by on their way to Panajachel at lake level.

That's a shame because on the edge of town lies a spectacular cemetery overlooking the lake.

Cemeteries in Latin America are vibrant colorful places where families go to celebrate their departed.

And, this cemetery is especially picturesque because of the magnificent nature in the background.

If you’re in Sololá you’re probably either coming from or going to the lake. Rare is the traveler who sets Sololá as an end to a day of travel rather than a means of moving from one destination to another. But, those who do are rewarded with sights rarely seen.

Twice a week there is a bustling market only eclipsed by the one in Chichicastenango. The park at town center is pretty and kept pristine and the men and women who walk and work around it are more likely to be dressed traditionally than in Antigua or Panajachel. But, the true hidden treasure of the town is the secret cemetery just waiting to be walked through.

Can you imagine a nicer place to finally rest?

Stretch your legs and practice your photography skills as the sky opens up above you and the land drops away to lake and volcanoes in front of you.

You may find a family visiting their dearly departed, a dog looking for a bit of food left out for the dead or a young couple stealing a few minutes of privacy to fall in love. You definitely won’t regret stopping in.

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It would be so easy just to nod off one more time in the shuttle which is all it would take to completely miss this place of beauty but when you come with us we won’t let you. There will be plenty of time to sleep when you’re in one of these but this cemetery should be on everyone’s bucket list.