Ryan Stimmel, GoodTrip Founder

Read about our founder, his passion for responsible travel and how he has developed a robust community of service providers in the Global South that share his vision of a world made a better place through good travel.

Let him guide you to a good way to go out into the world!

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Born and raised in the suburbs of North Texas it took effort for this responsible travel expert to become aware of the wider world. Since then though, adventure travel and ecotourism have become central themes to his life. Now he works to connect the bold responsible traveler to the world with that same sense of purpose.

As a traveler he’s visited much of Latin America and The Caribbean and even before he founded his first company in Guatemala he was making connections with the people and organizations with shared values doing the good work of changing international travel and tourism for the better.

Today he continues his travels now deliberately seeking out community development organizations, ecology projects and service providers with a social purpose to partner with and develop into a robust network of contacts capable of making anything happen, anywhere in Latin America and The Caribbean, so long as that anything aligns with his travel ethic and values.

Formally educated in Sociology, History and Philosophy at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, Ryan is passionate about the cultures and communities in the developing world, confident in his ability to connect one adventurous spirit to another.

Since college he’s been studying full-time at the school of life as he constantly checks his book learning against the real life he encounters traveling all about Central America and the Caribbean.

Rich and various experiences have educated Ryan and molded him into a social entrepreneur with a hearty mix of adventure traveler. This bricoloage of the school of life has formed him into a different kind of responsible travel expert. He doesn’t get asked what he’s going to do with a sociology degree today nearly as often as he used to, which is a shame because he loves to answer…

“I’ll use it everyday for the rest of my life working to make this world a better place through responsible travel.”

Combined experiences studying in Spain and Guatemala, practice in the kitchens of Texas restaurants, the roads of Mexico, hostels and organizations in destinations like Uruguay and Argentina and hundreds of days spent in Cuba have afforded Ryan a fluent command of the Spanish language and many of its dialects.

Through-hiking The Appalachian Trail and The John Muir Trail as well as the multiple trips trekking to the tops of Guatemalan volcanoes as an adventure travel guide add up to over 3000 miles of trail under his hiking legs and a superlative capacity for maintaining health and safety during outdoor adventure activities. Add to this a Wilderness First Responder Certification from the National Outdoor Leadership School’s Wilderness Medicine Institute and there is no situation he cannot respond to.

To round out his ecotourism and sustainable development experience he threw himself into the stormy mix of the international NGO humanitarian aid and sustainable developmental organizational environment in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. In response to the damage caused by Hurricane Stan he founded, managed and administered a primary education based not-for-profit organization and its one room schoolhouse programs.

Formally educated in Sociology, History and Philosophy Ryan is passionate about the cultures and communities in the developing world, confident in his ability to connect one adventurous spirit to another.


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