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Jazzmine Raine

Content | Change Maker | Creative
Sunshine & Raine

I’ve been questioning my ambitions a lot lately with “how?”. In a fast paced world where no matter what time I wake up, when I go to bed, or how many tasks I have to accomplish in a day, I always feel I need more time, more motivation, and more resources to make it happen. But how? After visiting Havana during the last week of October with GoodTrip Tours, led by founder Ryan Stimmel, how quickly became encontrámonos una manera, meaning let’s find a way.

Brianne Miers

Boston-based Travel Blogger
A Traveling Life

In November I traveled to Guatemala with Ryan Stimmel, founder of GoodTrip Tours, to scout out an itinerary for cultural immersion trips he will start running for families and educators this spring in partnership with Cambio NDG, a language school that benefits the Dutch/Guatemalan NGO Niños de Guatemala (NDG).