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GoodTrip, Inc. is an international travel agency and tourism operator that takes you from the developed West on journeys of discovery and connection to the developing global South. We focus our attention on sustainable travel practices, engaging interactions, and cultural tour experiences that you won't find anywhere else.

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Kite Making Workshop

There is no better way to practice your Spanish or get to know another culture than by working together at a common…

Earthlodge Guatemala

Of all the ecolodges in all of the Americas, Earthlodge Guatemala may be the best example of how well nature can mesh…

Sololá Cemetery Stop

If you're an ordinary tour operator there's no reason to stop off at the Sololá cemetery but if you're headed for the…

Ceramics Workshop at San Antonio Palopó

You won't find many tourists in the lake town of San Antonio but those who know go there to experience their ceramics…

Iximche Mayan Ruins

Visit some of the youngest and best preserved Mayan ruins in Mesoamerica on your way between Antigua and Lake Atitlán.

Confectionery Cooking Workshop

Visit the home of a Guatemalan family and learn by doing their recipes for sweet treats!

Coffee Chocolate Nano Finca Tour

Meet families of farmers who have organized themselves into coffee and chocolate grower co-ops.

Cambio Language School

Cambio Language School provides the Cervantes curriculum, top quality material from a world-recognized leader in…

Volcano Pacaya Hike

When you take this accessible hike to a nearby volcano prepare to be moved by the sights, sounds, smells and sensations…

The Worry Doll Workshop Experience

Whisper a worry in its ear then place it under your pillow at night and that worry should never appear in your dreams!

Hurricane Irma Impacts Cuba Travel Season, Tourism Economy

You can learn a lot by what's not in the news. The US media has a blind spot the size of the largest island in the…


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