Kite Making Workshop

When you immerse yourself in Spanish with GoodTrip you will spend a couple of half days each week volunteering at one of the Niños de Guatemala campuses. You may read a book. You may teach a lesson. You may act in a puppet show. You may just have a snack, or you may help the kids there build a kite.

Even if you’re just passing through on a guided trip this remains a possibility. At GoodTrip we believe in responsible travel and part of that is connecting you with organizations doing good community development work and this is definitely that!

Learn kite making from a professional then partner with young experts to put yours together.

Spend hours kite building with these steps:

  • Cut reeds to equal lengths
  • Stack reeds into skeleton
  • Tie string to reed ends
  • Place paper skin over frame and cut
  • Repeat with various colors
  • Add ears
  • Add a tail
  • Tie on your guideline
  • Fly your kite!

Once all that's done your young assistants will gladly flight test your new kite!

Whether you are a Spanish learning sojourner or just touring through a Kite Making Workshop is a great way to really dig in and get to know Guatemala and her people.

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