Guided Tours by Guatemala Experts


Join a small group or bring a group of your own and choose from tours highlighting the nature and culture of Guatemala. The fully-guided, all-inclusive packages see to your every need so you can focus on getting the most out of the experiences. Visit Spanish buildings, parks and plazas that go back almost 500 years. Tour ruins that predate those by many many more. Walk ancient foot trails over active volcanoes. Get to know the people by participating in the daily lives and learning about their livelihoods, and much much more!

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GoodTrip, Inc. is an international tour agency providing our growing community of travelers unique, guided journeys of discovery. Together we recognize the economic and environmental impacts travel has on our world. We develop strategic partnerships, operate conscientiously, and facilitate travel experiences that promote cultural, financial, political, and ecological interests, while protecting destination areas.

We specialize in custom-planning trips that center on your preferred activities, goals, educational interests, and outdoor adventures. We build tours that focus on architecture, birding, dance, diving, history, music, yoga, adventure, language learning, and more.