Flights Havana Cuba is an ever changing landscape, but one we can navigate.

Since September of 2016 commercial airlines have been allowed to fly direct flights Havana Cuba from the US. The allowance is for 10 flights a day to 9 international airports in Cuba and 30 flights a day to Havana. We haven’t seen flights increase by an order of magnitude yet but we are well on the way. It appears to be a rough transition.

As more than solely tour operators, we facilitate connections between US travelers intent upon making genuine connections to the Cuban people. If you want to travel well, we'll be glad to to help.


Since September 2016 the booking process has been largely normalized. Now US travelers can go to their airline of choice and book online instead of using the clunky, slow to respond and opaque charter services. In addition to booking directly with the airline several price comparison sites have begun listing direct and connecting flights from various airports via various airlines to Cuba.

Airlines that offer service to Cuba:

Alaska (no longer available)








These flights depart from:  ATL, CLT, EWR, FLL, JFK, LAX, MCO, MIA


Be creative with your itinerary - there are 9 international airports in Cuba.

Search for deals.

The following services offer cost comparison (most have many features in common so we’ll list one way each of them stands out from the others):

Cheapair – Their ‘Price Drop Payback’ feature means you’ll be refunded if the price of your flight goes down between the date of purchase and departure.

CheapOair – Have a look at their special offers for flights under $199, first-class flights, red-eye flights and more.

Kayak – If you are flexible with your itinerary they allow you to search a range of dates and nearby airports to find the best deal.

Hipmunk – Care more about the ease of your itinerary and get overwhelmed by too many choices? This site might be right for you.

AeroMexico also has competitive flights from many US airports to Havana though you’ll likely be changing planes in Mexico.

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Tips and tricks.

Try to get on the 1st flights Havana Cuba and plan to spend 45 minutes at baggage claim. If you while other flights are departing, plan to spend approximately 2 hours.

Pack snacks and water in case you miss a meal at the airport. There are no cafes in the baggage claim areas.

Be creative with your itinerary. Instead of flying in and out of HAV try one of the other 9 international airports in Cuba. Holguin (HOG) is a compact and modern airport with none of the problems and congestion prevalent in HAV .