Speakeasy Friend and Enter

Austin, US

Texans are a drinking culture. I’d put us up with any other nationality in terms of who can hang at the table. Austin is a big tourism town. We love visitors but we also love our local watering holes.

We’ll walk a few blocks around downtown to the first venue where we’ll go inside and have a drink. From there we will continue on past several other speakeasy style bars…

Austin Bike Tour: Art | Culture | Nature

Austin, US

We’ll bike at a chill pace from iconic spot to spot, never more than a couple miles at a time before stopping to learn something new and take photos.

Along the way you’ll get to see many of Austin’s most famous landmarks as well as take a deeper dive into a local’s eye view of Austin’s food truck parks, breweries, murals, hidden gems and best of nature!

Nature Walk with a thrice re-certified WFR

Austin, US

We will hike down onto the greenbelt and out-and-back for a total of about five miles. You’ll stop to appreciate the scenery and I’ll even show you a few of the wilderness survival skills I’ve learned from my training and my years of experience walking in the woods.

If there is water on the greenbelt and it is not too still or too swift then you’ll have…

Breakfast Tacos for Dinner Cooking Party

Austin, US

You’ll come to my home where I will cook for and with you while we sample the alcoholic beverage offerings of several nearby businesses.

You get to choose from standards like bacon egg and cheese, chorizo, potato and egg, bean and cheese, carne guisada and migas! I’ll also talk to you about which ingredients I was able to produce at home versus which ones I store bought, which stores I chose…

Hot Breath | Cold Bath Yoga

Austin, US

We’ll meet at Philosopher’s Rock at seven in the morning then go into the Springs together as a group. From there I’ll give a brief tour to anyone who is unfamiliar with the natural marvel and you’ll have a chance to use the bath houses to change clothes if you need to.

Then, we’ll set out our mats and begin our practice. The practice entails a bit of yoga …

Warm Intro into Acro Yoga

Austin, US

We’ll meet at 3:00 PM outside of back Azie Morton entrance of Barton Springs Pool.

After a brief tour of the pool you’ll have time to visit the bath houses and change clothes if you need to. Then, we’ll walk back around to the shade at the top of the hill on the Azie Morton side of the pool again and begin the acro yoga.

I’ll introduce you …