Confectionery Cooking Workshop

Among the many experience you can choose to engage in, either on tour through Guatemala or enrolled in Spanish immersion, is cooking classes. And, there are several to choose from!

This post is for those with a sweet tooth and highlights how you could learn from a local expert how to create confectionery delights from ingredients like coconut and tamarind.

You're invited into a family's kitchen and encouraged to get hands on!

Learn recipes from the women who do this every day to sell sweets at the nearby marketplace.

Every day the city block sized Antigua market hums along providing foods and goods to locals and visitors and incomes to those who set up shop there. In the smaller towns outside of Antigua – like Ciudad Vieja and San Lorenzo there isn’t a large daily marketplace so would-be sellers either have to set up shop on the street or trek into town.

Many tours might take you through the marketplace, and we think you should go there too, but we are the only outfit offering insight into the lives and homes of your hosts. This tour begins by greeting a Guatemalan family at their front and being invited into their kitchens.

Not only will you learn a new recipe, you'll also make new friends!

Spend a few hours familiarizing yourself with local delicacies made of coconut and condensed milk or reduced tamarind and cane sugar. Learn your way around the family’s kitchen and the inside of their homes. You’ll get a unique insight into the lives and livelihoods of the locals while improving both!

If you like kids you’re sure to meet several since all of our families are organized by Niños de Guatemala which means there will be school-aged kids.

Your guide or Spanish teacher will facilitate communication in Spanish and translate when necessary.

All the cooks have been taught about Western bellies and know how to keep clean kitchens and implements and purify any ingredients to keep you healthy.

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Make candies to eat. Learn a new skill. Make new friends. What are you waiting for?