Coffee Chocolate Micro Finca Tour

Guatemala is famous for its coffee. Coffee culture came to Central America about a century and a half ago and since then Guatemalan coffee has risen to among the best cultures in the world. Central America is also known for its wealth disparity and traditionally the owners of the coffee fincas would reap the vast majority of financial benefit from the crop and pay their workers very little… until now.

A new cooperative culture is arising among coffee and chocolate producing communities.

Several families with nearby lands will organize into micro fincas.

Historically most of the coffee and chocolate production in Central America came out of just a few massive fincas. The owners of these holdings would pay poor wages, perhaps 35 quetzales a day (about $5), to their workers for a few months out of the season to plant, tend and harvest cash crops. For the rest of the year families would farm subsistence crops and take their children in and out of school as needed to earn or save money based on their ability to find work.

Today groups of families are finding better solutions to the problems of poverty. One family might have only one cuerda (about 100ft by 100ft) of land but if they know a handful of other families that have similar sized holdings then they can organize. Just a few families can use their family lands to grow the cash crops of coffee and chocolate, buy the food they need instead of growing it, pay their workers a higher wage (about 60 quetzales for a day’s work) AND reinvest in their business just by working hard and not becoming greedy.

Learn about your cup of coffee from crop to cup and see your dollars go directly to the people.

Collect the beans. Roast the grains. Grind the grounds. Do it yourself cup of coffee!

Take your tourism into the fields and learn about the life cycle of the coffee tree and bean. Follow the production process from plant to pallet. Learn from and work with the people in their ancestral fields as they condense coffee and chocolate culture into a few hours for you.

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When you're finished you'll get to experience the freshest cup of coffee possible. You'll have made it yourself!

If you like coffee and chocolate, if you’d rather see the people who produce profit, if you’re looking for a real world application to practice your Spanish then this experience is for you.