Ceramics Workshop at San Antonio Palopó

We can’t imagine you going to Guatemala without visiting Lake Atitlán. In fact the lake is so iconic and such a draw that many tourists skip all other destinations entirely and spend their vacation at the lake only. That means that Lake Atitlán is one of the more heavily visited places in Guatemala. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to go there without being surrounded by a throng of unimaginative shutter bugs taking photos of the sunset over the lake from their tables at restaurants in Panajachel.

You only have to put forward a little effort to get off the beaten tourists trail and experience some genuine cultural exchange. Most tourists hang around the shops and bars of Panajachel. If they leave that town it’s likely on a fast boat along the Northwest shore to stop off for crystal gazing at San Marcos or to party and go hiking around San Pedro. But, with just a little bit more imagination the lake opens up and offers so much more!

If you head southeast out of Panajachel you'll find the Palopó's.

San Antonio is famous for its unique style of ceramics and people come from all over the world to take some home as souvenirs. 

When we take you to the Lake you’ll have the option to stop over at San Antonio and visit one of several businesses that sells these ceramic souvenirs. But, that’s just the beginning. Why just look when you can touch too? In fact you’ll get to look, touch, learn, paint and take home!

Take a tour of the ceramics workshop that starts in the store but then goes in depth behind the scenes. You’ll learn how ceramics souvenirs are shaped out of clay, how they are painted and fired in the kiln, and then you’ll get the opportunity to paint your own.

If you're staying at the lake overnight we can pass back through on the way home and pick up what you painted after it has been fired.

Tourism turns into travel when you walk out the back of the store front and dive deep into a workshop.

CambioNDG and GoodTrip are enterprises with many social purposes and providing children with an education and preserving their childhood are chief among them. The worry doll workshop tour isn’t just something fun to do. It isn’t just a cool way to come up with your own handmade souvenir. It also gives mother and children an additional source of income which prevents parents from keeping kids at home to produce keepsakes for tourists instead of attending school or playing outside.

By participating in the worry doll workshop tour you are actively working towards the brighter future of the families you’re working with!

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At GoodTrip we specialize at taking would be tourists and turning them into intentional travelers.

You could easily find San Antonio yourself and ask around (or gesticulate if you don’t speak Spanish) for a ceramics store. You might even be able to go behind the curtain and take a peek at the kiln but we have built out a robust and deep experience just for you that does all that and more, and all you have to do is sign up.

Don’t just stroll down Santander and pay too much for factory produced textiles. Get off the tourist track and give your dollars directly to the producers who’ll give you in return not just a high quality souvenir but an experience you can take with you and talk about when you get home.