As young as she looks, Bianca was born before the Special Period in Cuba. Growing up in Havana she remembers a time when her and her family were given everything they needed by the government and life was good. Then the Cuban economy tanked after the dissolution of the USSR and she lost her family to emigration and illness. She’ll tell you that those years made her tough but didn’t destroy her optimism.

She is among the few Cubans who has lived abroad (in Jamaica where she learned English) yet returned to her home island. She came back to continue her education in psychology, her passion. It doesn’t pay to be a therapist in Cuba though so she only does so part time so that she can devote more time and energy to tourism. Don’t misunderstand, she’s passionate about her work as guide and event organizer too!

She is a devoted mother and loving wife and works to support her family that also includes an adopted son and, she’d tell you, several other people in her community as well. She loves the arts, especially painting, music and film, and fashion. Come let her introduce you to her family and friends!

Agent | Event Organizer | Guide

Fixer. Hustler. Devoted Mother. Loving Wife. Film Fanatic. Art Collector. Dirty Joke Teller.