Annemiek and her brother were visiting Guatemala over a decade ago. They were moved by the friendliness and hospitality of the people but appalled at the extreme poverty they suffered. Especially disturbing was the plight of the children.

Poor families have to choose between sending kids to school and putting them to work as soon as they are big enough. So, Annemiek and her brother started Niños de Guatemala (NDG), a not-for-profit charter school network that educates children that would otherwise not finish school. After ten years NDG’s charter schools serve over 500 children at three campuses. GoodTrip partners with NDG and two social enterprises – a language school and a hotel – that feed their profits into NDG.

Annemiek can occasionally be found in Guate but she lives in Amsterdam where she is developing yet another social enterprise, this one aimed at integrating refugees, largely from Syria, into her country and culture.

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